Cabinet-level solution

       Hairf micro-module integrated intelligent mini-equipment room solution provides the one-stop solution including precision air conditioning, UPS, cabinet, PDU, KVM, and power environment monitoring system to police station outlets of safe cities, small and medium enterprises, large equipment rooms of enterprises, telecom business halls, bank branches, gas stations of CNPC/SINOPEC, railway communication equipment rooms, toll collection equipment rooms of expressways, etc.

  Hairf Cabinet System (HCS) is a cabinet-level micro data center developed by Hairf according to the latest development trend of the global IT system, and the devices such as precision air conditioner, UPS, monitoring unit, PDU and KVM are contained in one or multiple cabinets. This system showcases a lot of advantages such as reducing the user’s IT system construction cost, quickly deploying the core service, and green energy conservation.

  Technical characteristics:

  1. All-In-One: Integrated rack, air conditioner, UPS, PDU monitoring and site management system;

  2. Rapid deployment: The one-stop solution does not require engineering survey and realizes plug-and-play;

  3. Intelligence, visualization and cloud management: Supporting networked management to form a parallel or multi-layer network;

  4. Accurate cooling, energy conservation and high efficiency;

  5. Modularization, UPS + battery module, and expansion as needed.

Performance parameters
Model HCS1000 HCS2000 HCS3000
Air conditioner
Capacity(kw) Standard capacity Standard:3.5; Max.: 4
Total power KW 1.7
Application range Environment temp. and humidity -45 to 50℃;0%- 90% RH
Indoor unit size(mm) 800*440*2606u
Power supply 220V/50HZ
Air flow Up-flow/down-flow
Connection line Single phase in and single phase out
Capacity(kw) 3KVA/2.4KW 6KVA/4.8KW 10KVA/8KW
Input voltage range 115-295VAC(±3VAC) 176-297VAC(±3VAC)
Power factor 0.98
Output voltage 220/230/240VAC
Voltage accuracy ±2%
Frequency accuracy 50/60HZ±0.05HZ
Power factor 0.7/0.8(optional)
Switch time 0ms
Wave form distortion Linear load 3%Non-linear load6%
Panel display LCD: Input/output voltage, frequency, 
battery voltage, load percentage ratio etc.
Communication page RS232,SNMP(optional), USB(optional)
D*W*H(mm) 482*600*130 482*600*130 482*6008177
Net weight(kg) 12.5 18.5 34
Standard configuration 12V/7Ah
Backup time standard configuration10 min(others optional)
size W*D*H(mm) 65*151*94
Monitoring unit and human-machine page
Temp. and humidity detection interface 5
RS485 interface 2
RS232 interface 1
Display screen 7 inches
Voltage detect range AC100-250V
Current detect range 0-30A
electrical degree 8 numbers as a counting unit, 0.1kw/h; 
accuracy: 1.5 level
Visual surface 17 inches
Voltage 5V
W*D*H(mm) 600*1100*2000 1200*1100*2000 1800*1100*2000
Weight bearing(kg) 1500