Celebration of Hairf New Manufacture Center Construction

Date:2017-06-25    Views:4459

   After four years preparation,Hairf new manufacture center was finally put into construction on June 25th,2017. It marks a great moment in the developing history of Hairf Network Power.


                                                                CEO Mr.Xu making speech

   We Hairf Network after so many years’ development and with the support of all our customers, is doing better and better. In order to meet production capacity and market needs, our Hairf Hefei Industrial park came into being .The new factory,located in Hefei,Anhui Province,is about 30,000 square meters,including products showroom, two main workshops for producing precision air conditioners,uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and a set of facilities to meet the working and living requirements of our staffs. As the largest producing and researching center of Hairf in China,Hairf Hefei industrial park is estimated to put into use in 2018. With the new manufacture center as support and the whole effort of Hairf staffs,we have the faith to offer more fantastic products to our clients all over the world in the future.

                                                      Overview of the whole manufature center 

   Our aim is to offer integrated solution for the world data center, and we are still on the way.  

                                                                     Hairf Family