Celebrating the new projects of Arbaminch Referral Hospital & Gondar University 

Date:2016-09-12    Views:6005

Congratulations! Hairf Modular UPS have Succeeded in winning Arbaminch Referral Hospital & Gondar University projects in Ethiopia!

It means our UPS  products has entered into Ethiopian market and mark a important step to global market.


Gondar University is one of the oldest university in Ethiopia. Currently ranked third in universities of Ethiopia.And its committed to the realization of social responsibility in the academic investigation, make a contribution to society and provide high-quality talents in the innovation of academic research project. Arbaminch,southwest of Ethiopia City, the provincial capital of Gefa Mu lattice. Arbaminch Referral Hospital is a famous hospital in local and its purpose to help more people take care health and stay away from the pain and suffering.


Hairf modular UPS can provide Gondar University and Arbaminch Referral Hospital with efficient and energy saving, stable and reliable power supply.It will not only guarantee the interruption;  the system also uses the most advanced technology of power electronics and automatic control field to reduce cost , but also meet the on-demand expanded equipment.


This success and honor belongs to everyone in Hairf.we will provide more network energy integration solutions for small and medium computer room and data center, to help users build a reliable, green and efficient data center.