NeiMenggu Television

Date:2016-03-22    Views:6653

  Project background:NeiMenggu Television——NMTV is the Inner Mongolia autonomous region provincial television. Inner Mongolia television was set in April ,1960, The success of the pilot on October 1, 1969, is one of the long history TV in China.  Hairf provides the following cooling system and critical power supply for it’s data center /computer room.

  Project Configuration:31.5 KW precision cooling system  /   100KVA Modular UPS power supply

  Project Summary:  Inner Mongolia television is one of long history TV in China, its rapid development relies on the steady and reliable work of data center system. Hairf research and development team overcame the technical problems to make the equipment adapt to the low temperature in order to meet the needs of extreme cold area and to assure the equipment can work under extreme cold climate normally and without fault