Bolivia JALA Software Company

Date:2016-03-22    Views:6420

  Project  Background:  Founded  in  2001,  Jalasoft  is  a  world‐class  technology company that provides the best in software engineering solutions by investing in people first. Our intense focus on education has allowed us to  launch world-class products  and classic  project  to  become one  of  the  most trusted  and  valued providers of software engineering resources worldwide. Based in Bolivia, it trains and provides highly-skilled engineering teams to companies looking to outsource software development, quality assurance, and automation   projects in a higher‐quality, more affordable way.

  Project summary :  According to JALA’s requirement,Hairf provide several sets of HADR0762 precision cooling system, to ensure the constant temperature and humidity of the computer room working  environment,  gain the  highly recognition from the user .