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Medium/large power high frequency UPS

Hairf medium/large power high frequency series UPS are online UPS complying with the highest VFISS111 level in the IEC62040-3 standard. This series of products can satisfy all kinds of field requirements, and the adopted design of high reliability and high intelligence enables them to provide more additional values beyond users' expectations. The extremely high input power factor and extremely low input current distortion rate guarantee environmental protection of the product, and the extremely high overall efficiency ensures energy conservation of the product. The system can be upgraded and expanded along with increase of user loads, and a maximum of 6 machines can be directly connected in parallel for operation.



Medium/large power high frequency UPS

Technical characteristics:
1. Double-conversion online 10 ~ 120KVA (three inlet and three outlet);
2. The ultra-wide input voltage and frequency range applies to the harsh power grid environment and is suitable for access of various fuel oil generators;
3. DSP full digital control implements full digital control on all the power conversion links including rectifier, inverter, charging and discharging;
4. The input power factor reaches 0.99, the input current harmonic is smaller than 3%, and the overall efficiency is greater than 95%, which ensures green environmental protection, high efficiency and energy conservation of the system;

5. Capacity: 10KVA/15KVA/20KVA/30KVA/40KVA/60KVA/80KVA/100KVA/120KVA.

Model X6-33010 X6-33015 X6-33020 X6-33030 X6-33040 X6-33060 X6-33080 X6-33100 X6-33120
Capacity 10KVA 15KVA 20KVA 30KVA 40KVA 60KVA 80KVA 100KVA 120KVA
Main input
Input voltage 380V/400V/415V; 50/60HZ
Input method 3PH+N+PE
Power factor 0.99
Current distortion rate 3%
Voltage range +25% to -40%
-20% to -40%
Frequency range 40-70HZ
Bypass input
Input voltage 380V/400V/415V 
Voltage range -20% to +15%
Frequency range ±3HZ( Can be set as ±15%)
Voltage accuracy ±1%
Dynamic voltage transient  5%(0-100% load change)
Voltage distortion rate THD1.5%(Linear load); THD5%(Non-linear load)
Power factor 0.8
Range of Frequency synchro 50HZ/60HZ±3HZ(Can set as ±15%)
Frequency accuracy ±0.01%
Three-phase accuracy 120°±0.5%
Voltage unbalancedness
(100% unbalanced load)
Frequency synchro speed 0.5HZ/s to 5HZ/s(can be set)
Peak value ratio 3:1
Overload capability 105%, long time working
110%, switch to bypass after 1 hour
125%, switch to bypass after 10 minutes
150%, switch to bypass after 1 minute
150%, switch to bypass after 200ms
Bypass overload capability 135%, long time working
135%-150%, 6 minutes
load180%, working time longer than 100ms
System efficiency Normal mode:95%
ECO mode:98%
Battery mode efficiency 95%
Battery configuration 12V,40 batteries( 36-44 optional
Display LCD+LED+keyboard LCD+LED, touch screen + keyboard
EMI IEC62040-2
EMS IEC61000-4-2(ESD)
Insulation resistance 2M500VDC)
Insulation strength (Input and output ground connection)2820VDC, 
current leakage 
3.5mA, no flying fox in 1 minute
Surge protection Up to standard requirement about IV type installation
 position in IEC60664-1 
Protection level IP20
Communication interface RS232,RS485,SNMP,EPO, generator interface
Wire connection support up and down line connection
Working temp. 0-40
Relative humidity 0-95%(no condensation)
Noise(dB) 55dB
Weight(KG)  40  43 46 60 182 204 226 270 292
Size(W*D*H)(mm) 280*730*668 320*780*788 540*762*1100 600*850*1350 600*855*1600