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Medium/large power industrial frequency UPS

Hairf medium/large power industrial frequency series UPS (10KVA-400KVA) are double-conversion pure digital UPS with an output isolation transformer and used as stable and clean UPS for various equipment rooms. They applies to fields such as the telecommunication system, financial system, satellite system, network system, medical system, monitoring security system, and factory automation control system. This series of Hairf UPS are designed by adopting the advanced IGBT sinusoidal pulse width modulation technology to realized good power supply quality, high efficiency, small heat loss, low noises, small size and long service life. Meanwhile, the modular design can reduce the average repair time and simplifies the maintenance work, and the full digital design for the advanced microprocessor makes the system more secure and reliable.



Medium/large power industrial frequency UPS

Technical characteristics:
1. Double-conversion online industrial frequency machine 10 ~ 400KVA (three inlet and three outlet);
2. Double-conversion topology structure and isolation transformer configuration adopted for output, suitable for complicated load types;
3. The 12-pulse rectifier efficiently improves the UPS input power factor and greatly reduces the input current harmonic;
4. Supporting parallel connection of different powers and common battery pack for parallel connection;
5. Advanced intelligent battery management function, 7-inch man-machine touch screens in Chinese and English, and user-friendly man-machine interfaces;


Model HT10 HT15 HT20 HT30 HT40 HT60 HT80 HT100 HT120
Capacity 10KVA 15KVA 20KVA 30KVA 40KVA 60KVA 80KVA 100KVA 120KVA
8KW 12KW 16KW 24KW 32KW 48KW 64KW 80KW 96KW
System parameter
Operation page 7" touch screen with both English and Chinese language operation
Size(W*D*H mm) 600*600*1280 800*800*1480 800*800*1800
Weight(KG) 195 210 220 305 340 500 600 800 950
Computer monitor interface Standard RS232, Optional for RS485/MODBUS,SNMP
Running temperature range 0-40
Relative humidity 95%no condensing)
Cooling Intelligent fans forced cooling
(fan speed changes according to load and temp.
Safety rules standard Safety: GB4943,EN50091-1 
Compatibility:GB7260.2,GB/T17626.2-5EMC, EN50091-2
Color RAL7035(other colors can be customized)
Machine efficiency up to 94%
Input characteristic
(Current rectifier)
Rated voltage 380/400/415VAC
Voltage range 312-456VAC
Rated frequency 50/60HZ
Frequency range 45HZ-65HZ
Rated input current(A) 15 23 30 45 61 91 121 151 182
Rated voltage 192 unit(DC384V)
Charging method Stable current and voltage/auto-charging/charge current 0.1A*C10
Output characteristic(Inverter)
Rated voltage 380/400/415VAC 
Rated frequency 50/60HZ±0.1%
Output power factor 0.8
Rated current(A) 12 18 24 36 48 72 96 120 144
Voltage setting range phase voltage 200-244V
Peak factor 3:1
Wave forms Sinusoidal wave
Linear load voltage wave
 form distortion
Non-linear load voltage
 wave form distortion
Steady voltage stability ±1%
Transient voltage response
(0-100% load
Transient response time 20ms
Overload 600'/10'/1'(110/125/150% rated current)
Rated voltage 380/400/415VAC
Input voltage range ±15%(can be set to 5% in control page)
Rated frequency 50/60HZ
Frequency synchronizing range ±2%( can be set to 5% in control page)
Overload capability 10'/1'/18'(150/175/200% rated current) 
Static switch  
Inverter/bypass switch time
Inverter/bypass switch time
Noise dB  52-58
Prote(EN60529) IP32