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Online tower industrial frequency UPS

Hairf single inlet and single outlet or three inlet and single outlet industrial frequency series UPS(4KVA-40KVA) are high performance sine wave UPS specially designed for data centers, network computer rooms, intelligent precision equipment and complicated industrial environment. Their high reliability provides important power protection for the finance, communication, insurance, transportation, taxation, military, securities, energy source, education, government, manufacturing, enterprises and other industries. This series of Hairf products are real double-conversion online UPS. They adopt the advanced IGBT power device, SPWM inverter with superior performance, intelligent multi-mode battery management technology and related cutting-edge technologies in the world and abundant power management software, and showcase sound cost performance and user base. The standard configuration includes the output isolation transformer.



Online tower industrial frequency UPS

Technical characteristics:
1. Double-conversion online industrial frequency machine 4 ~ 40KVA (single inlet and single outlet/three inlet and single outlet);
2. Adopting the SPWM pulse width modulation and IGBT power module and output isolation transformer to ensure that the UPS output is free of interference by power grid fluctuations and noises and functions as a high quality power supply;
3. Using the ABM intelligent battery management technology to effectively prolong the battery service life;

4. Capacity: 4KVA/6KVA/8KVA/10KVA/12KVA/15KVA/20KVA/25KVA/30KVA/40KVA.

Model X3-06 X3-10 X3-12 X3-15 X3-20 X3-25 X3-30 X3-40
Capacity 6KVA 10KVA 12KVA 15KVA 20KVA 25KVA 30KVA 40KVA
AC input
Voltage 3 Phase 380VAC±20%
Frequency 50(60)HZ5%
Max. current 10A 16A 20A 24A 32A 46A 56A 76A
AC output
Voltage Single phase 220VAC
Frequency 50(60)HZ 
Voltage stability ±1%
Frequency stability ±5%at time of power-off)
Waveform SPWM 
Power factor 0.8(lag-off)
Distortion 3%
Transient response Voltage change4%100% load on and off)
Output current peak factor 3:1(Max.)
Voltage 192VDC
Charging time up to 90% capacity within 8-10 hours
Warning equipment
Battery discharge The beeper beeps every 4 seconds; When low voltage 
it beeps every 1 second
UPS abnormity Long beep when UPS overload or In fault
Control panel
LCD display screen UPS running status,input/output frequency; 
battery voltage; input power;inverter temperature
UPS indicator light City electricity mode, battery mode, inverting power supply, 
bypass power supply, UPS abnormity; UPS overload
Safety standard
Safety   GB4943
EMI IEC62040-2, GB7260.2
EMS IEC61000-4-2-5, GB/T17626.2-5
Temperature 0-40
Humidity 20-90% without condensation
Input and output connection Terminal block
Net weight(KG) 85 130 140 220 260 320 350 440
Size(W*D*H mm) 250*580*700 310*590*850 410*680*1020 480*750*1080
Overall efficiency 87%
City power-off  time 0ms
Communication interface RS232, SNMP card, PS485, DB9