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Online tower high frequency UPS

Hairf online tower high frequency (1kVA-20kVA) intelligent pure online UPS is usually used for medical instruments and equipment, enterprises, IT load equipment, industrial computer terminals, etc. Technically, because the inverter circuit of UPS is always in the operating status, stored energy of UPS can be converted to AC output immediately through the inverter in the case of power failure, thus realizing switching of zero output conversion and also reducing the anti-impact capability. This series support various OSs, apply to TCP/IP LAN and support UPS network monitoring.



Online tower high frequency UPS

Technical characteristics:
1. The advanced DSP digital control technology ensures higher UPS performance, more stable product performance and more reliable quality;
2. The environmental-friendly product complies with the national control and management measures on electronic information product pollution and does not cause harm to the environment and the human body during normal use;
3. Active input power factor correction (PFC) ensures the input power factor higher than 0.99 to prevent power grid environment pollution and achieve the objectives of saving energy and reducing system cost;
4. The wide input voltage and frequency range ensures stable operation in the mains supply mode even in the region with harsh power environment, which reduces the battery discharge times and prolongs the battery service life;
5. When the mains supply is abnormal, the conversion time for the UPS to go to battery power supply is zero, thus efficiently guaranteeing safety and reliability of load operation;
6. The load power factor is 0.8, which applies to characteristics of most powered devices and improves the load carrying capacity of machine;
7. The frequency adaptive system can be set to fixed or automatic identification power supply system suitable for 50HZ/60HZ to meet requirements of different power systems;

8. The powerful intelligent slot provides abundant extensible functions, and the USB card, AS400 card, CMC monitoring card, SNMP card, RS485 card, and EMD environmental testing card are optional.

X2-1101 X2-1101L X2-1102 X2-1102L X2-1103 X2-1103L X2-1106 X2-1110 X2-1106L X2-1110L
1KVA/0.8KW 2KVA/1.6KW 3KVA/2.4KW 6-10KVA/4.8-8KW
90-285VAC 120-274VAC
 220VAC(1±2%) 20VAC(1±1%)
same as city electricity; (50±0.2)HZ in battery mode same as city electricity; (50±0.1)HZ in battery mode
125% overload, 1 min
Maintenance free battery
3 of 12v/7Ah 36VDC no battery 6 of 12v/7Ah 72VDC no battery 8 of 12v/7Ah 96VDC no battery 16 of 12v/7Ah 16 of 12v/9Ah 192VDC no battery
144*350*230 190*425*328 190*425*328 260*560*717 260*533*501
12 5.7 22.2 10 26.3 10 68 20
RS232 communication interface